Master of Business Admninistration

Goals of Master of Business Administration (MBA):

1. To prepare students to communicate ideas effectively.

2. To prepare students to synthesize, analyze, and integrate their knowledge of business disciplines to provide innovative and credible solutions to organizational problems and opportunities.

3. To prepare students to assess the impact of globalization on business.

4. To prepare students to analyze ethical implications of business decisions.

5. To prepare students to demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration skills for making decisions and accomplishing goals.

6. To prepare Student to learn finance work. Financial Decission, Rising Capital Investment risk management and Acquisition activity.

7. To become leading MBA program in the country which offers quality and innovative competencies in the area of marketing management, finance management, tourism management, public management and human resource management.

8. To prepare qualified graduates who are able to compete in regional, national, and international labour market.

Objective of Master of Business Administration (MBA):

1. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply quantitative and qualitative reasoning, as well as problem-solving models and reasons, to business environments.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to use technology in research to add value to presentations (including professional reports).

3. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply basic business principles in business decision-making and business analysis.

Curiculum Master of Business Administration