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About Us



Dili Institute of Technology (DIT) is a community-based, non-profit education institution delivering higher education and vocational training targeting the training needs of youth, veterans of the resistance and children of veterans. It is committed to general education and training that will assist in skilling the nation in technical and business areas, building a workforce capable of meeting the demands of the private, public and community sectors in East Timor.

DIT was established in 2002 in the newly independent East Timor. It is registered in the Court of Dili, with the Ministry of Education and with the Ministry of Labour and Community Reinsertion. In 2008, DIT was accredited by the Government of Timor Leste as a higher education institution with the total score of 92.88%.

As with many sectors, the country’s education system is confronting a huge rebuilding task. In addition to the destruction of infrastructure the system must address the lack of a legislative framework, and the need to develop appropriate, relevant curriculum, teaching and learning methodologies and consistent academic standards. With limited resources and the growing demand for vocational skills, the participation of the private and community sectors in education is needed to support the training requirements of the country.

The mission of the Dili Institute of Technology is to provide education, practical training, research and service at the highest international standards, to satisfy the community need for people with knowledge, expertise and skill in science, technology and professions, appropriate for the national development of East Timor and the broader socio-economic advancement of the region.

Dili Institute of Technology will become a centre of excellence in education. It will have high-quality teaching staff, with expertise to teach, research, and provide practical training to students in accord with the nation’s needs. Skill-based education covering selected areas of business and management, and engineering and science, will be provided at internationally recognised standards.

The community will recognise the Institute as a provider of vocational and higher education which is accredited at national and international levels. Graduates will have the ability, and the will, to apply theories learned and skills acquired to address challenges and resolve problems within the community. Employers will seek to recruit DIT graduates and will look to the Institute for continuing education and training opportunities for their staff.

By 2020 the Dili Institute of Technology will be recognised internationally as an excellent professional education and training institute and the leading innovative and creative resource for the community it serves.

Dili Institute of Technology will be guided by the following values:

1) Diversity. Providing fair access and a scientific environment based on inclusiveness and promoting diversity (non discriminatory).
2) Partnership. Working together with staff, students, government, partner institutions and the community.
3) Creativity. Developing our reputation for creativity, innovation and enterprise.

In keeping with its mission and vision, DIT has as its motto:

matenek nodi serbii
educated to serve



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