Message From the Rector

Message From the Rector


Dili Institute of Technology (DIT) is a private, non-profit and accredited higher education in Timor Leste which was inaugurated on the 10th of May 2002 by His Excellency Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao as the President of the Resistance Veterans Association (AVR).

DIT is a new institution, in a new country, run by a new generation (with an average staff age of 35). It is also known as the institute of the capital with the motto: “matenek nodi serbii (educated to serve)”.

As a new institution, DIT gives a new and great expectation to young Timorese people to develop their intellectual quality, professionalism and social sensitivity in the following areas: (1). Civil and construction engineering; (2). Mechanical and manufacturing engineering; (3). Petroleum engineering and management; (4). Computer science; (5). Agribusiness, (6). Finance management, (7). Tourism and hotel management; and (8). Policy and Public management.

DIT places great emphasis on quality of learning and teaching, research and community service. It values principles such as education for all, without borders, non-discrimination, and no political intervention in education. It believes that only such education can bring progress to the East Timorese people and the nation.

DIT hopes that the community will choose the institute to educate their children, not because of low tuition fees, easy marking, a large student and alumni population, or the presence of public figures within the student body. Rather, they will choose DIT because it offers quality education to prepare skilled people who can apply science and technology for the wellbeing of the community.

As the rector of DIT, I believe that a tertiary education institution will have no value, if it receives massive students numbers, but they end up as low quality, poorly-skilled graduates, who are fatalistic, and lack creativity and innovation, with a diploma that is not recognised. Such an institution would become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Instead, DIT is committed to developing graduates who are intelligent and professional pioneers for development, to helping bring freedom from poverty, to enhancing the competitiveness of Timorese professionals, to respecting the dignity of all people, and to encouraging Timorese people to value their identity and stand tall.

DIT therefore continually carries out evaluations of its courses, curriculum, teaching and assessment methods, to ensure these are integrated, high-quality, efficient, relevant, and sustainable, and that they meet the needs of the community, industry and marketplace, as well as being consistent with the framework of higher education in this region. DIT gives priority to providing continuing education to its staff and improvement of its teaching facilities, to keep up-to-date with developments in science and technology. So also, DIT continually works to improve its own management, so as to fit within the global higher education trend, such that its management practices become increasingly effective, high-quality and sustainable.

The rector is proud to announce that DIT is the only tertiary education institute in Timor Leste that has a full-time staff (from the rector right through to the cleaning staff) who are fully committed to the institute, working from 8.30am to 5.30pm, on teaching, training, research, assistance to students and the community, despite the salary levels being low.

DIT is working together with the government, industry and other higher education institutions both within and outside the country, to improve the quality of its teaching and of the institute as a whole. Through such cooperation, DIT obtains opportunities for continuing education for its staff and for students to do fieldwork, as well as resources to contribute to the quality of education, and recognition from institutions overseas.

As rector, I am proud to formally launch this website, which was designed to make information about DIT more readily available to the public. My sincere congratulations to the members of the ICT DIT team who prepared it.

Alvaro Menezes Amaral, Ph.D.



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