Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), is a private non-for-profit higher education institution in Timor-Leste, established on May, 10th 2002 with the mission to provide professional training and quality higher education based on international standards in order to help develop the human capital of Timor-Leste as strategic factor for the sustainable development of our country. The specific objective of DIT was to implement the process of teaching and learning, scientific research, extension and professional training in the relevant areas of science and technology, provide an educational environment and the tools to address the social, economic and environmental issues confronting our nation, region and the world.

Institutionally the governing body of Dili Institute of Technology (DIT) is the Board of Trustees (BoT) responsible for the whole management, accountability and the high standards of all DIT’s undertakings in order to gain and maintain public respect as supporting basis for its obligations as required by the State law on higher education. It is expected that DIT will continuously work in partnership with the Government, the private sector, industry, including with other education institutions in order to help build the education system with quality and relevance based on the social development needs, and help strengthen the national identity.

Academically, on the other hand, DIT is governed by the Academic Senate as the governing board responsible for all the decisions and implementation of the academic quality of all levels of teaching and learning process. With the proper function of the Academic Senate it is expected that DIT will uphold its competitiveness as higher education institution in Timor-Leste, which is always conform with high standards of scientific and pedagogic quality a fundamental for its recognition nationally and internationally. As a higher education institution for public interest in Timor-Leste, DIT endeavours to create all the conditions and secure the public trust to DIT courses and research activities, capitalizing from the DIT’s institutional and programmatic accreditation which has been continuously and periodically taking place by the National Agency of Academic Assessment and Accreditation (ANAAA) and the social recognition which DIT is continuously enjoying ever since.

Since its inception, DIT has enjoyed the leadership of five Rectors namely João Câncio Freitas, Ph.D as the Founding Rector from 2002-2006; Mr Dr. Estanislau S. Saldanha, PG.Dip. Tech, M.Tech as the second Rector from 2008-2014; Manuel Vong, Ph.D as the third Rector from 2015-2017; Dr. Alvaro Menezes Amaral, S.E., M.Si as the fourth Rector from late 2017 until 2022 and the current Rector Dr. Salustiano Dos Reis Piedade, ST., MSc.

Since 2009, DIT has gone through three rounds of institutional accreditation all undertook by external agencies. The first round of institutional accreditation took place in 2009 by a committee of 6 (six) experts under the sponsorship of the World Bank and the IV Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste. The six international quality assurance experts were brought together by the Government from: the Quality Assurance Body of the United States of America, the Federal Brazilian Quality Assurance, The Malaysian National Quality Assurance, The New Zealand Higher Education Quality Assurance, the Singapore National Quality Assurance and the Indonesian National Quality Assurance Body. Based on the assessment of the six experts, DIT passed right from the first round with an average point of 93.82% placing DIT in category A. Since 2012, immediately upon the establishment of Timor-Leste National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (ANAAA), annual reviews have been taking place by national and international assessors. In 2015, a second round of institutional accreditation by national and international assessors from ANAAA took place and as a result DIT got 100% for its second institutional accreditation. The third round of institutional accreditation was in 2021. The experts were from Timor-Leste National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (ANAAA) and international experts from different countries and DIT got A with the total of 90%.