Doctor of Philosophy in Business

Objectives Doctor of Philosophy in Business:

1. Provide to students theoretical and applied concepts of business with special emphasis, in finance management, marketing management, human resource management, tourism management, and public management;

2. Mastery of research methodology, including quantitative, mix, and qualitative methods.

3. Prepare graduates to demonstrated ability to make original and significant contributions to the scientific knowledge base in their area of research.

4. Prepare graduates to demonstrate ability to engage in a productive research career, including publications, grant writing and conference presentations.

5. Prepare graduates to demonstrate an understanding and concern for the high ethical standards in business research, teaching, engagement, and professional consultation services.

The Competencies Doctor of Philosophy in Business:

The graduates of Doctor of Philosophy in Business programs will have, at the end of the course, the following knowledge and competencies:

1. High capacity to serve the advanced needs of business and management nationally, regionally and globally;

2. Capacity of deep knowledge and competencies for strategic and operational perspectives;

3. Solid knowledge in the discipline base in the areas of business and managementsuplemented with deep studies of advanced specialisation in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Tourism, and Public Management;

4. Capacity to develop and contextualise concepts and critical analysis applicable to the operations of public finance and management;

5. Deep and applied comprehention about the concepts of business and management in the context of Timor-Leste

6. Ability to undertake teaching, research and development in higher education institutions, private and public sector organisations.

Curiculum Doctor of Philosophy in Business