Departement of Finance Management

Goals Department of Finance Management:

The Finance Management Licenciatura Program at DIT offers skill s and knowledge to students to analyze Financial performance and ensure good Finance health. Students acquire in-demand knowledge and skills in such critical areas as Public Finance Management, Corporate Finance Management, Banking and Entrepreneurship.

Objective Department of Finance Management:

1. Explain the financial objectives of Corporate Finance the theoretical and practical aspects of corporate finance, apply quantitative, qualitative and problem-solving skills;

2. Discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of Banking and institution of finance evaluate financial products and services offered by the financial institutions;

3. Describe ethical, legal, and global issues that impact an Entrepreneurship Initiative to prepare and open their own business so that they can work independently and help open new jobs;

4. Explain the structure and operation of Public Finance Management Obtain and Assimilate knowledge appropriate to the practice of Finance Management in publics‟ organization.

Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

1. The ability to synthesize and analyze information and ideas from multiple sources and perspectives to arrive at reasonable conclusions and informed decisions and to solve challenging problems by evaluating the logic, validity and relevance of data and using knowledge in order to generate and explore questions.

2. The ability to make judgments with respect to individual and organizational conduct concerning citizenship, ethics, and the value of diversity in business;

3. The ability to analyze, interpret, and comprehend information sources and technology;

4. Demonstrate understanding of business and entrepreneurial skills by developing business, marketing, and venture plans, or other approved instrument in Mechanical engineering. Such as being able to be responsible for carrying out their own work (entrepreneurship) and being able to employ other people;

5. The ability to obtain substantial knowledge and understanding in Finance Management field of study while gaining exposure and knowledge in other related disciplines.

Curiculum of Finance Management