Departement of Computer Science

Goals Department of Computer Science:

The specific goals of the Computer Science Course are:

1. Computer Science Study Program prepares students to have the ability and skills to create Information Systems & Multimedia applications, Data Communication/ Computer Network Systems and Artificial and Intelligent based on the sustainable operation;

2. Computer Science offers students with additional soft skills such as: communication; critical thinking; problem solving; and a sensitivity to gender issues & development. Such skills enable graduates of Computer Science to perform professionally based on the industrial working standards, without neglecting the humanitarian issues and their national identity.

Objectives Department of Computer Science:

The Computer Science graduates are expect to be able to:

1. To bring in graduates who are able to follow the development of computer sciences specially and acknowledge technology sciences generally;

2. Graduates are able to work and compete in the national level market;

3. Graduates are able to proceeds to the highest level of education;

4. To enhance study program contribution on the quality of human resources , environmental conservation, and technology sciences and education development;

5.To growth the science of computer areas in national developing program.;

Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

The following describes the Computer Science program outcomes and their related assessment process as follows (Knowledge):

1.Foundational knowledge: Students are able to master the foundation of computer science which consists of mathematics, logics, and computing;

2. Theoretical knowledge: Students are able to master theorities concepts of computer science area that consists of algorithm, computation, language, data structure, programming, computer system, data processing, software, expert systems, and numeric analyses;

3. Applied knowledge: Students are able to apply or implement concepts in computer science that consists of models method, development, verification and software validation in computer science.

The skills expected for graduates to adquire are:

1. Students are able to apply and implement their skills specialization or concentration such as Information Systems & Multimedia applications, Data Communication/ Computer Network Systems and Artificial Intelligence Systems in computer science;

2. Problem solving skills: Students are able to apply basic knowledge, theorities, and the result of applied system and to find out the constructive sollution that facing in the reality;

3. Ability to do research: Students are able to implement literature study and do the personal and group research in computer science;

Students will demonstrate personal, social and ethical responsibility as a part of lifelong learning through (Attitude):

1. Students have moral, ethics, and good personality in completing their tasks;

2. Students have the role as good national citizens that proud and love the country and supporting the world peace;

3. Students are able to work as a team and have human social sensitivity and highly interest to the community and environment;

4. Students respect to the law, multiculturalism, ideas, beliefs, and religions, put the national and communities interest for the priority.

Curiculum of Computer Science