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Hotel Management

Goals Department of Hotel Management:

The Department of Hotel Management has the following learning goals:

1. Offer knowledge and skills in welcoming guest, reservation, reception, and front office cashier;

2. Provide knowledge and skills in room, laundry and public area management;

3. offer knowledge and skills in food and beverage, food product& services and bar management;

4. Provide knowledge and skills in hotel management and marketing.

Objectives Department of Hotel Management:

In order to achieve the above learning goals, the Hotel Management Department has the following objectives::

1. Provide knowledge and skills in front office, housekeeping, food and beverage production & service, event management and customer services;

2. Provide knowledge and skills to effectively identify, assess and mitigate the legal risks associated with common hotel business practices and events ;

3. Offer relevant management knowledge in hotel management, marketing management, financial management, human resources management and accounting.

Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

In the 1st year students will get the following competencies Knowledge:

1. Understand the terminology, concept, definition and theories oftourism and hospitality industry.

2. Understand the roles and responsibilities of departments in hotel industry such as: front office, housekeeping and food and beverage department.

3. Understand the principles of management in Hotel industry.


4. Those competencies on 1st year are supported by the subject matters, such as: Introduction to Tourism; Introduction to Computer; Hospitality Management; Principle of Management; Strategic Management and English 1-9.

In the 2nd Year, students will acquire the following competencies:

1. Compares roles and responsibilities of departments in hotel industry, such as: front office, housekeeping and food and beverage department.

2. Knowledge in front office department such as handling reservation, handling guestcheck-in/out procedures, and handling guest bill and guest complaint.

3. Understand principles of management and hotel Management.

4. Able to identify and solving the problem related to hotel industry.


Those competencies on 2nd year are supported by the subjects such as: Front Office; Bar Operation; Food Product and Service; Housekeeping; Human Resource Management and Hotel Management I.

In the 3rd Year the kind of competencies students will get are the ability to:

1. Explain terminology, concept, definition and theory related to tourism and hospitality industry

2. Interpreting roles and responsibilities of departments in hotel industry, such as: front office, housekeeping and food and beverage departments.

3. Translate theoretica knowledge into new context and practices in hotel industry operation and management.

4. Analyse and interpret the business environment in which hotel management is affected, such as: overbooking policy; market competitor.


Those competencies on 3rd year are supported by the subject matters, such as: Ethical and Cultural Awareness; MICE; Entrepreneurship in Tourism; Finance Management; Hotel Management II and Marketing Management.

The skills that students will get include:

1. Able to handle guest in the front office such as guest reservation, check in/out procedure, handling guest bill, lost & found and guest complaints.

2. Able to estimate and use cleaning equipment and supplies in hotel industry.

3. Able to prepare room for the guest and handle guest’s laundry.

4. Able to use kitchen equipment, utensils, groceries cooking, menu planning, Implement cooking methods, apply standart recipe, product selling and menu engineering.

5. Able to use restaurant and bar equipment, handling guest service, Follow SOP of restaurant operation (preparation, Operation and Closing), standard recipe of mix drinks.

6. Able to analyse of marketing management (demand and supplies), accounting, financial management and human resource management.

7. Able to demonstrate good skills as supervisor and manager especially in front office, housekeeping and food and beverage department.

8. Able to manage food, beverage and housekeeping operational costs.

In terms of attitudes at the end of the Department students will have the ability to:

1. Perform good attitude based on hotel industry requirement.

2. Ability to evaluate and making decision.

3. Ability to communicate effectively with the guest, customer and collegues.

4. Perform and use appropriate language, etiquette, format, tone and/or body language when communicating in person, via telephone, online or through other digital means with customers, colleagues and other industry.

5. Ability in organization and planning, computing, staffing and scheduling.

6. Ability in written and oral communication skills, a strong command of the English language in dealing with different kinds of people of different nationalities.

7. Ability to establish and maintain positive mutual working relationships with superiors, workmates and clients.

Curriculum Department of Hotel Management

Features of the course

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